Vote Glendale’s Adrian Wickham for Pro Landscaper’s Most Influential 2022

1 year ago

Amazing news for the Glendale team! Our fantastic corporate development director, Adrian Wickham, has been shortlisted as one of Pro-Landscaper’s Top 50 Most Influential 2022!

We’re beyond proud of Adrian, we believe that there’s no one more deserving of this award more than our very own. Though we’re slightly bias, Adrian works extremely hard and the way he’s progressed up the career ladder and shot into the landscaping, horticulture and grounds maintenance industry is an inspiration to anyone.

You’d be surprised to know that Adrian’s first interaction with Glendale was through an unsuccessful application for a job as a Glendale team leader in Islington. His determination and persistence meant that he applied once again and got the job! You can read more of Adrian’s story in our news post ‘Glendale’s Adrian Wickham makes it into the Inside Horticulture Magazine’. Of course, it only went uphill from there, you can tell just how much passion Adrian has for this industry and luckily, for Glendale. We’re extremely lucky to have him in our family and everyone here at Glendale has been voting for him to win Pro-Landscaper’s Most Influential 2022.

We’d be beyond grateful if you clicked this link, selected Adrian Wickham and submitted your vote. A vote for Adrian means a vote for Glendale as a whole, all of our team members share the same core values of leading a greener future and expanding the landscaping industry. A massive thank you if you do decide to vote for Adrian!

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