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Glendale’s arboriculture contractors can provide you with tree maintenance, planting, felling & more. Our team completes every requirement with ease and efficiency.

There are a range of arboriculture companies in the UK, but we believe our services are second to none. Our experts have a combined experience of over 200 years, they truly know green spaces.

Our clients rely on our arboriculture services to make sure their property looks great and most important of all – is safe for their visitors and employees. There are many different aspects of arboriculture and our team is trained to work in every single one.

If you’re looking for an arboriculture company that can handle your tree requirements with quickness & professionalism whilst providing minimal disruption to your everyday work life then Glendale is the company for you.

Tree Care from the Heart

Nurturing some of the UK’s most stunning treescapes

Trees mean a lot to us; we expertly manage and maintain trees throughout the UK to sustain their health and boost our green surroundings.

Our arborists are professionally trained, registered, insured and certified Each team member values safety above all else and treat trees almost like a best friend. Their unrivalled technical knowledge has helped improve treescapes in hundreds of local parks, private estates, conservation areas, highways and more.

As one of the UK’s premier tree care specialists, we can supply a definitive range of tree care services for public, private and utility clients. This includes a full suite of tree surgery surveys , dangerous tree removals, vegetation management alongside high voltage power lines, and tree planting projects. We are also qualified to take care of tree surveys and inspections, promoting sustainable tree management for the future.

In the midst of a crisis you can call upon our 24 hour emergency tree services, 365 days of the year we’re always ready to help

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A Reliable Arboriculture Company

Every one of our arborists are professionally trained to a high standard, we only employ the absolute best to ensure our clients get a perfect service. Our team can complete arboriculture services in a wide range of areas such as business and retail parks as well as hospitals, schools, recreational parks and any public sector space.

The process is simple – you let us know what you want and our team will work with you to ensure every base is covered.

Why Hire an Arborist?

Why is arboriculture so important? Well, we all know how crucial plants and trees are to our ecosystem. Arborists help maintain the health of trees and without them, there would be a lot less trees in the world and a lot more diseased and dead trees. So, what type of services do arborists provide?

  • Tree removal – a dead or dying tree is a massive safety risk and needs to be taken care of ASAP. Trees can also be removed when they are causing an obstruction.
  • Tree planting – if you’re looking to make your space greener then Glendale’s tree planting services are ideal for you.
  • Tree surveys – prevent the hazard before it happens with our team of tree inspectors.
  • Tree relocations – an alternative to tree felling, our arborists can relocate a healthy and loved tree.
  • Tree management – we can help keep your trees prepared for every weather condition. This includes everything to do with maintaining your trees and also site clearance and vegetation management.
  • Tree surgery – this includes pruning and sectional tree dismantling.

Hazardous Tree Removal

One of the most important jobs for an arborist is hazardous tree removal. But what is considered a hazardous tree? A tree is hazardous if it has a structural weakness that may cause it to fall, resulting in property damage, personal injury or death.
Glendale can help keep your property safe by identifying hazardous trees and removing them. You’ll know if you have a hazardous tree by seeing some of these warning signs:

  • Splits
  • Cracks
  • Loose bark
  • Decay / rot
  • Leaning
  • One branch being bigger than the rest

However, there are many less obvious warning signs that only experts can identify, which is why we always recommend taking advantage of our tree inspection services before it’s too late. Our team of qualified arborists have completed many successful removals which is why we’re always the first call for our clients when they have a problem with their trees. We also act as an arboricultural consultancy, ready to provide you with tree consultancy services to properly manage your green spaces

Why Glendale?

  • Our services are completed by a trained and qualified team of professionals
  • We are an arboriculture company which has a lot of experience in tree removal, planting, relocation, management, surveys and more
  • We complete efficient hazardous tree removals while adhering to strict safety procedures
  • We are careful not to damage any trees whilst completing our services

Some arboriculture services can be extremely dangerous, this is why you’ll need a team of experts and the approval from local authorities prior to relocation, removal and planting to ensure the plant’s health is safeguarded. We undertake both private and public contact work, so speak to our sales team today on 01257 460461.

Emergency Arborist

In need of an emergency arborist? Glendale’s emergency arborist team are available 24/7 for our clients, ensuring their landscape is back to a safe condition after any storms, strong winds, or damaged trees. Our team has years of arboricultural experience and complete knowledge of health and safety and best practices. We’re here to provide fast, efficient, and professional service across the UK. Our tree care encompasses a variety of services including tree surgery, regular tree maintenance, and the development of prevention strategies to safeguard against future emergencies.


Are you a skilled arborist looking for a new step in your career? Join one of the UK’s leading arboriculture companies.

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