Soft Landscaping

Glendale’s hard-working team of soft landscaping contractors can completely transform your green areas.

Here at Glendale, we’ve got a dedicated team, the latest equipment and a fantastic reputation all rooted within our core value of creating a greener future. The team is what makes Glendale the company that it is – with a combined experience of over 200 years nurturing green spaces, our experts are the ideal people to carry out your soft landscaping services.

Whilst we provide hard landscaping for outdoor design, which is all the ‘hard’ elements e.g. fencing, walling, paths, we’re also specialists in soft landscaping – all the green elements in outdoor design. We can create a blended hard and soft landscaping plan, making sure your exteriors are up to scratch – this is important because if you want to get the most out of your outdoor space, you’re going to need both types of landscaping to create that structure, accessibility, and character.

Plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and hedges – we specialise in all ‘soft’ elements of landscaping. Many people call these elements the ‘decorative’ aspect of landscaping, but we believe it’s much more than that. Whilst adding greenery to your outdoor design makes it look great, it also improves your environmental credentials, air quality, and provides natural protection for your property. Our living wall systems are a great example of this and something to think about if you are considering investing in landscaping.

Even though there are many soft landscaping companies across the UK, here at Glendale, we believe our services are second to none. We’re one of the leading soft landscaping providers because our team has a great work ethic, the quality of each of our projects is unmatched, we work with you to bring your vision to life, and we truly care about the environment and how we’re conserving it and adding to biodiversity. When employing a soft landscaping company, it’s best to always choose a trusted business with a lot of experience and examples of what they do; Glendale was founded in 1985 as a forestry, tree harvesting and consultancy business and has since blossomed into the reputable company it is today. With hundreds of employees and contracts throughout the UK, Glendale continues to make this country greener each day.

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Professional Soft Landscaping Contractors

As we said, every single one of our team members encompasses all of Glendale’s values. When it comes to our soft landscaping contractors, we only accept the best – whether they’ve built themselves up at Glendale as an apprentice, have a ton of previous experience or are one of our senior team members. You can be sure that we properly train every single person entering the Glendale team, everyone is insured, reliable and taught to work to the highest possible standards. More importantly, they all love and are enthusiastic about creating and maintaining green spaces, just the same as Glendale. Our company was built on this enthusiasm for green spaces and it’s why we’re one of the best at what we do.

If you decide to invest in our services, one of our team members will come and carry out a free site survey and discuss what you want your landscaping to include. After this, a design plan will be created and sent to you for approval. When you’re happy, our landscaping team will gather the materials and come and plant your shrubs, hedges, flowers, trees, and whatever else is included in the design. When it’s all installed and looking great, we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself – we’ll offer you a contract so that we can properly maintain your landscape and keep all the greenery healthy.

What’s Involved in our Soft Landscaping Services?

There’s a lot that goes into the ‘soft’ elements of landscaping and there are many options to choose from. Our team of landscapers can complete many services which include:

  • Planting trees
  • Shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Flower bedding
  • Meadows
  • Potted plants
  • Living wall systems
  • Laying grass/turf

Why Invest in Soft Landscaping?

  • Aesthetics – first and foremost, many people invest in landscaping to improve the look of their outdoors. Fresh greenery can make a huge difference to how your outside looks.
  • Improved air quality – more greenery means better air quality as it purifies the air and is great for the environment.
  • Natural protection against wind and rain – this is specifically aimed at our living wall systems.
  • You can reach your company’s sustainability goals and show that you support corporate responsibility.
  • Many studies have shown that staff are more productive when working in an environment with more greenery and plants.
  • Staff can have a vibrant and beautiful outdoor space to take breaks, lunches and walk into every day.
  • Greenery improves stress levels

Soft Landscaping Examples

Castle Drogo Visitor Centre

Here at Glendale, we’ve won many contracts to provide soft landscaping services. One of these contracts include the new visitor centre at Castle Drogo, a national trust property in Devon. We were awarded this contract in 2010 and soon got to work completely transforming their exteriors.

This project involved using a mixture of both soft and hard landscaping in the area surrounding the building, providing seating and a small children’s play area. Glendale also created a green car park as part of the environmentally aware site. Of course, we made sure to consider the environment when implementing this project, so we used Heritage, FSC approved timber for the dog posts, boundary posts and fencing.

The creation of a green landscape surrounding the Visitor Centre has created a natural looking environment around the building. This minimised the visual impact of the new building whilst maximising visitor enjoyment.

The landscaping project included:

  • Installation of boundary posts and dog rests
  • Installation of soft natural play foundation (bark)
  • Supply and planting of semi mature trees
  • Planting of 1000 beech whips Installation of green parking areas using Golpa matting (reinforced turf)
  • Creation of footpaths
  • Supply and installation of natural seating areas
  • Light earth works
  • Retention of trees and paths
  • Tree protection
  • Turfing
  • Hedge laying

Community Garden in Enfield (awarded the BALI National Landscape Award)

Another great example of a blended hard and soft landscaping project is our contract for the community garden in Enfield.

Commissioned and funded by the London Borough of Enfield to breathe new life into a neglected urban space on Monmouth Road in Edmonton, Glendale brought this back into use as a community space. We received a prestigious award for this contract, a British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) National Landscape Award in the community and schools development category.

We’ve been delivering grounds maintenance services in the Enfield borough since 2016, so the level of trust the council had with us certainly made us their top pick for this contract.

Glendale got the local community involved in this project, inviting the children from a gardening club at nearby St Edmund’s Primary School to help plant over 800 shrubs and bedding plants. Our specialist team were more than happy to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

After the project was completed, the client made a special request to alter the block paving – Glendale happily obliged and over 200 of the previously laid ‘Tegula’ blocks were carefully removed and replaced with a series of bespoke paving blocks, each handmade and featuring a word from a quotation about the local area inscribed on the surface. Perfect for the aim of bringing this community area back to life, the new walkway leads pedestrians to the new space, encouraging engagement.

Glendale provided ongoing maintenance over a two-month period after completion, this consisted of daily visits to water and weed. Monmouth Road Green has since been incorporated into the contract delivered by Glendale and receives a regular grass cutting service, and three visits a year to maintain the beds and shrubs, making sure it looks its best all-year round.

Why Glendale?

  • Every team member is fully insured and adheres to strict operational safety guidelines
  • We’ve got a real passion for green spaces and dedicate ourselves to keeping them healthy
  • We’re a green company with green values with a big focus on  Carbon neutrality
  • Glendale is an experienced and trusted company, working with a range of private and public sector companies across the UK
  • We’re family-owned and operated, continuing to invest in the business to improve our services
  • Assured high levels of service, retention and quality

If you’re thinking about hiring a trustworthy landscaping company to improve the green space around your premises, then Glendale is here to help. Book your free, no obligation site visit today.