Commercial Tree Planting

Glendale’s commercial tree planting services can improve the appearance of your business or property whilst bringing shade and providing a valuable habitat for local wildlife.

We have a strategic approach to commercial tree planting – through careful planning, trees can be used to enhance your brand and give your customers and clients the perfect first impression. Trees are valuable not only for their natural beauty but also offer a multitude of additional benefits for businesses in all sectors.

Trees can be used to greatly improve green spaces. Glendale’s team is experienced in selecting the most appropriate plant species and locations to suit your requirements. Whether you’re planting trees for their aesthetic value, to provide shade or even reduce the risk of flooding, we can provide the ideal solution.

Glendale’s technicians are trained, qualified experts in commercial tree planting and maintenance. We are passionate about the importance of trees and believe plants can benefit all business premises, from retail parks right through to industrial facilities. To learn more about this service, please contact our team today on 01257 460461.

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Glendale Tree Planting Services

We are experts in planting trees on commercial properties, from saplings to semi-mature specimens. Our previous planting projects include business parks and retail parks as well as public sector locations such as hospitals, schools and recreational spaces. Glendale is experienced in all aspects of tree planting. During the tree planting process, we consider many contributing factors including soil type, available space at various heights, light conditions, wind prevalence and more. This comprehensive approach enables us to consistently deliver outstanding results when selecting and planting trees.

When you choose to benefit from our tree planting services, our expert team will firstly visit your property to create a strategic plan. This stage allows us to select tree species that will not only flourish in the local environment but also meet your expectations. It is key to invest time selecting the most appropriate species and planting locations. Glendale’s team will first conduct a grounds survey, evaluating the condition of the planting site and anticipating any potential issues. These considerations often include:

  • Locating any soil obstructions
  • Soil type and pH level
  • Suitability of drainage
  • Depth of topsoil layer
  • Securing the tree to promote growth
  • Plotting areas for subterranean root growth

Effective planning will maximise your investment by amplifying the many improvements trees will bring to your premises. We will also provide new tree maintenance guidelines and maintenance packages. Please note that to give your new plants the best chance to establish themselves, we would recommend taking out a one- to three-year maintenance plan with our specialists.

Why Glendale?

We specialise in tree management and can provide the perfect planting solution for your business. Our team can plant many different tree species from seedlings and saplings through to established trees. When planting saplings and young trees, it is important to remember they will need time to establish themselves and contribute to the structure of the surrounding landscape. If you require an immediate impact, we would recommend opting for established tree specimens. Alternatively, we also offer mid-sized trees which will provide immediate impact the environment but still possess the potential for a substantial amount of growth.

For semi-mature specimens in particular, our specialists at Glendale Civic Trees can source the finest plants and provide expert planning and planting services.

We will listen to your individual requirements and develop a planting schedule and scheme to best meet them, all with minimal disruption to your business activities.

From native deciduous species to hardy coniferous plants, our experts can advise on the best choices to suit your soil type, pH levels, amount of shade and the availability of water. By also focussing on planting locations, we can ensure your investment will achieve the maximum impact. These choices will also be influenced by the time of year, where possible planting trees during their natural dormant period. This period typically stretches between mid-October and March but can differ from species to species.

  • We carefully select tree species and planting locations to achieve the best results
  • We have successfully planted trees for many different commercial organisations
  • Our teams are fully insured and adhere to strict operational safety guidelines
  • Glendale offers additional tree services to help keep your plants looking their best

Did you know? There are currently 3 trillion trees in the world, with over 60,000 known tree species.

Ground preparation

When planting trees, the preparation of the intended planting site is an important preliminary step that should not be overlooked. This key stage begins with Glendale’s professionals inspecting and agreeing a planting site with you. Following a step-by-step process – developed in line with our many years’ experience – we then continue to consider tree species, access points, overhead and underground services and, crucially, the safety measures in place to protect both our workers and the general public.

Once these steps are complete, our experts will drain the planting site to alleviate waterlogging. If deemed necessary, we will also improve the soil condition using peat-free compost, water retaining polymer, fertiliser or additional topsoil. Glendale’s comprehensive approach ensures your planting site is in the best possible condition to ensure successful transplanting.

Tree planting

When planting the tree specimen, we firstly excavate a hole of sufficient depth and width to accommodate either the rootball or container, allowing approximately 500mm clearance in each case. At this point, we may decide to add a layer of gravel at the bottom of the hole to help drainage in areas prone to waterlogging. We then plant the tree at the same depth at which it has been grown at the nursery. We will then install an irrigation/aeration system. This is comprised of a 60mm perforated pipe. Finally, our team will install a supporting system, with steel cable being used to hold the stem of the tree in place.

Once the tree has been successfully planted, Glendale’s experts will administer any formative pruning or other preparatory work to give the tree the best chance to take root and grow. A tree is only ever as good as it is handled; we therefore take special care with these semi-fragile plants to treat them with respect and due attention.

Did you know? Semi-mature trees are defined by the British Standards Institution and HTA as “trees with an overall height in excess of 4 metres and/or a stem girth measurement of 20cm or larger.”

Maintenance and aftercare

To ensure they take root and continue to grow strong and healthy, your new trees will require special care and attention for the first couple of years after planting. Glendale offers tailored maintenance and aftercare services to ensure your business benefits from your investment. We carefully alter our maintenance programmes to best suit the age and species of tree as well as its location, amount of drainage, soil type and more.

Our tree aftercare services revolve around watering, feeding, weeding, guying and other key aspects. This represents a worthy investment of time and resources, as healthy trees will live much longer and bring greater benefits to the surrounding landscape and wildlife. Caring for your new trees also ensures your investment does not go to waste.


Watering is vital for any newly planted tree. For the first couple of years, new trees are reliant on watering, since its root system will take time to adapt to its new environment. How much to water depends on the local conditions, including soil type, drainage levels and the amount of direct sunlight the tree receives each day.

Glendale’s experts use their knowledge and experience to judge how much watering is necessary in each case. Here are some example advisory volumes based on the tree’s size and soil type:

Stem Girth (cm) Tree Height (m) Sandy Soil (ltr) Average Laom (ltr) Heavy Clay (ltr)
14-16 2.5-3.0 30 20 10
20-25 4.0-4.5 50 35 17
35-40 5.5-6.0 80 55 30
60+ 8.0+ 140 95 50

Did you know? A single mature oak can absorb more than 151,000 litres of water per year. This equates to over 400 litres every day!

Glendale is a leading provider of tree planting at all manner of commercial properties and facilities. Why not let our experts help your business? From reducing heating costs to improving productivity levels, the potential benefits of trees stretch far beyond boosting the appearance of your outdoor space.

Contact our team using the form below. Simply fill in your details and we’ll arrange your free, no-obligation quote for our commercial tree planting services.

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