Invasive Species Control

Invasive species are a major issue for landowners and businesses with green spaces. Glendale can remove hazardous plants and minimise the risk of injury or costly damage to property.

For landowners, it is vital to have invasive plant species managed professionally. Plants such as giant hogweed can cause serious skin irritation and pose a significant risk to human health, while the growth of others – including Japanese knotweed – can even threaten the structural integrity of pathways, walls and roads.

Damage to paths and road surfaces can result in trip hazards and damage to vehicles. We treat and remove invasive weeds with minimal disruption to your operations. Glendale’s professionals can effectively treat and remove invasive plant species, safeguarding both people and property. Ensure your green spaces are free from hazardous plants by contacting our team today on 01257 460461.

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Comprehensive invasive species management

Two of the most common invasive plant species are Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed. Japanese knotweed is not native to the UK and so it is classed as an Invasive Alien Species (IAS). Giant hogweed is not native to the UK and, as detailed on our Commercial Weeding page, causes severe burns and rashes on contact.

Invasive plant species are frequently more robust than standard weeds and require specialist evaluation and treatment. Simply removing the obvious plant growth may not prove effective; roots may remain and continue to cause chronic problems.

Plants including giant hogweed are exceptionally aggressive and require disposal at licensed sites. Use of these facilities requires official documentation and can prove to be a complex process. Glendale’s experts are on-hand to eradicate these species and ensure disposal that is both legal and safe.

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Why Glendale?

  • Our professionals have extensive experience working with invasive species
  • We will effectively treat plants to help reduce the likelihood of recurrence
  • We manage all aspects including paperwork and disposal at licensed sites
  • We only employ professionally trained, registered and certified personnel

Controlling invasive plant species

Glendale’s experienced team has the knowledge and equipment to treat invasive plant species effectively. The physical removal of plants is a necessary part of this process. However, plant species which are particularly invasive often require the application of herbicides and other chemicals to prevent regrowth. Our professionals are well-accustomed to this type of maintenance work.

We evaluate each case individually and devise an appropriate course of treatment to eradicate the plant. By tailoring our approach to specific requirements, our teams can avoid unnecessary damage to other plants and property in the vicinity.

If you’re concerned about a plant infestation injuring colleagues, livestock or property, don’t hesitate to contact Glendale today. We will work with you to address the problem effectively and with professionalism, helping to mitigate risk.

How to be prepared

We understand that invasive species can seemingly appear out of nowhere. This is why the control of invasive species should always be a priority and be part of a wider grounds management plan. Your plan should be fully integrated and incorporate strategies such as:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Weed Control
  • Vegetation management
  • Assisted gardening schemes
  • Grass cutting and edging
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Litter/leaf collection and clearance
  • Cleansing of communal areas
  • Landscaping projects and rejuvenation programmes
  • Community planting schemes
  • Maintenance of flower beds and floral displays
  • Play area construction, inspections and maintenance

These services not only benefit the appearance and usability of outdoor areas, they can also assist in monitoring grounds for invasive species and facilitate early treatment.

To discuss any of these services in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.