Grounds Maintenance for Housing Stock

We think everyone should feel proud of where they live. That’s why we’re passionate about delivering affordable grounds maintenance services to neighbourhoods nationwide.

Glendale is committed to providing neat, healthy, safe and useable green spaces. Residential areas can benefit greatly from access to green recreational areas. As well as being aesthetically pleasing for the neighbourhood, well-kept green spaces also provide a safe area for children to play.

We understand the responsibility of delivering usable green space to a variety of users. Whether for commercial, public or private means, Glendale’s workforce can curate, create and maintain residential green spaces for local councils and housing associations.

From outdoor communal areas to grass verges, parks, lawned areas, community gardens and play areas, Glendale is ready to tend to your green maintenance needs. By considering implications on the wider community and environment, our experts can deliver a high standard of grounds maintenance for housing stock.

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Glendale’s smart approach nationwide

We supply essential green space maintenance services on behalf of housing associations, registered social landlords, private registered providers of social housing, and other property owners in order to keep the area tidy. Our passion for green space is infectious and we encourage resident involvement in what we do at every opportunity to ensure it’s always a collaborative effort.

People are our most important asset; whether they are our customers or employees, their satisfaction is vital to our success.
We appoint staff as close to our base of operation as possible so that you can be confident our team will have your best interests, and the best interests of the local area, at heart.

Why Glendale?

  • We are a national company dedicated to serving local communities
  • Our teams are equipped with professional tools to get the job done
  • We maintain an exemplary safety record in our working environments
  • Our professionals are expertly trained and fully insured

Glendale’s operatives are all DBS-checked and issued with branded uniforms and ID cards. These practices, alongside the sole use of liveried vehicles and other equipment, instils responsibility and accountability in everything we do. In addition, local council or housing association logos can also be dual-branded to affirm officialdom and trust with residents. These factors are an important component of delivering a quality and professional housing stock maintenance service.

We do the hard work

Keeping a green space well maintained to a high standard is arduous and time consuming, but completely worth it. By investing the time, money and effort into grounds maintenance you ensure that the space is kept neat, healthy and usable at all times. Glendale’s services are wide-ranging, comprehensive and include:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed control
  • Vegetation management
  • Assisted gardening schemes
  • Grass cutting and edging
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Grass edging
  • Litter/leaf collection and clearance
  • Cleansing of communal areas
  • Landscaping projects and rejuvenation programmes
  • Community planting schemes
  • Maintenance of flower beds and floral displays
  • Play area construction, inspections and maintenance

Best practices

Glendale is an experienced provider of maintenance for housing stock. Over the years, we have developed best practices in order to consistently ensure satisfactory project completion. This includes the adoption of quieter, electric-powered equipment such as hedge trimmers. Using electric tool rather than petrol-powered alternatives not only causes less disruption to residents but also reduces energy consumption and removes the potential for accidental fuel spills.

In terms of specific techniques, our operatives prefer to collect arisings on the first cut of the season. This keeps environments looking their best for the longest possible time and also prevents the development of larger arisings later in the year which are harder to dispose of or recycle. We also promote the use of pedestrian mulching mowers on-site. These leave finely mulched arisings in situ, providing a free, natural turf fertiliser. This approach is more sustainable than applying fertiliser separately and also reduces the number of trips required to remove any arisings.

Glendale's maintenance teams

Our maintenance teams pride themselves on their level of workmanship and producing high quality work and maintenance for everyone to enjoy. Working within diverse communities across the country gives Glendale a thorough understanding of the importance of public green spaces. We trained our operatives to be multi-skilled. This practice not only allows each team to complete work to a higher standard, it also means more projects can be completed on first visit, reducing the requirement for return trips.

Glendale's promise to you

We have previously completed both one-off and regular maintenance work in residential housing areas. These include grass verges, hedgerows alongside paths and roads, green belts, village greens, playgrounds and much more. Our teams are equipped and trained to create neat, safe and fit-for-purpose green spaces across housing stock developments. Whether a space is primarily used for leisure, such as a park, a community garden, or the landscape around a particular building, Glendale is committed to understanding the importance of that space within the local community. Contact Glendale and start a conversation about the future of your residential green space today.

Bespoke housing stock maintenance packages

Once you’ve made your enquiry, a member of the Glendale team will be in touch to discuss your needs, vision and expectations. As a firm with nearly 30 years’ experience, we’ve met requirements ranging from straight-forward maintenance contracts with local authorities right through to delivering grounds maintenance services at Gatwick Airport!

We tailor our housing stock maintenance work to suit the specific requirements of each client. Our experience within the sector helps us to complete our work with minimal disruption to residents. This includes displaying our upcoming working schedule online, avoiding bin collection days and completing loud job such as grass cutting only during sociable hours.

As a valued customer, you’ll receive a bespoke package of ideas, tactics and strategies curated by your local Glendale team. With an arrangement agreed and in place, Glendale will proceed to deliver high-quality work of the exceptional standard our customers have come to expect.

Our commitment to rejuvenation

A portion of our work relating to the maintenance of housing stock, housing associations and local authorities has included an element of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation projects are especially exciting to be involved with and offer extremely pleasing levels of work satisfaction.

Transforming an underused, neglected or derelict space into an attractive, usable area is very important to Glendale and links directly with our core beliefs and values on the environment, sustainability and revitalising outdoor spaces. The teams at Glendale enjoy the challenge of harvesting that potential and giving life back into an asset used by a community.

If you would like more information on grounds maintenance, please contact Glendale today or refer to our specialist Grounds Management Services page.

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