Tree Relocations

Glendale’s large tree relocation branch, Glendale Civic Trees, is a market leader in mechanical tree relocations, successfully transplanting existing trees into new locations using innovative techniques.

If you wish to explore tree relocation as an alternative to felling as part of site redevelopment, our experts can help. We have successfully relocated numerous species, sizes and ages of tree from their original growing location to new positions before successfully replanting. This means that loved or protected plants can be preserved without disrupting your business operations. This technique is also ideal for redeploying existing stock around a site; for example, trees in copses that have outgrown their close proximity can be moved to different locations to screen or add character.

Our trained and experienced professionals will use efficient and effective methods to move trees on your property. Subject to approval from local authorities, even trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders can be relocated. Click here for additional information regarding protected trees. Glendale Civic Tree’s experienced team completes relocations for golf courses, country estates, sports facilities, retail developments and similar institutions.

At Glendale, we can complete tree relocations throughout the UK. To learn more about this specialist service, please contact our team on 01257 460461 today. We are happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes ahead of any work.

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Tree relocations by Glendale Civic Trees

From mulberry trees to firs and everything in between, we have previously relocated trees of varying size and age throughout the UK. Glendale Civic Trees’ experts are passionate about trees and perform relocations carefully, with an emphasis on safety and the overall health of the tree in question. This approach allows us to deliver outstanding results without compromising the safety of property or personnel.

Depending on its size and species, we will select the most appropriate method of uprooting, transferring and replanting each tree. With our many years’ experience in the field, Glendale Civic Trees is unrivalled at completing successful tree relocations.

Why Glendale?

  • Our relocations are completed by trained, qualified and experienced technicians
  • We frequently relocate trees on golf courses, country estates, sports facilities, retail developments and commercial properties
  • Each relocation is fully insured and completed while adhering to strict safety procedures
  • We are careful not to damage trees during transit, helping to ensure successful replanting

Transplants conducted without the requisite equipment and experience can damage not only the plant but also surrounding areas and property. Where protected trees are concerned, it is vital to gain approval from local authorities prior to relocation and to ensure the plant’s health is safeguarded.


Tree spades

A tree spade is used to lift, transport and replant trees. This is the most common method of moving semi-mature trees and was first brought to Europe by Civic Trees way back in 1968. Today we maintain the largest fleet of tractor-mounted tree spades in the UK.

Our comprehensive fleet of vehicles and machinery means we can move virtually any large tree with safety, care and professionalism. Glendale Civic Trees’ trained technicians are experts in evaluating tree health. They will ensure that each stage of the relocation is fully completed, from surveying the ground to selecting equipment and ensuring the tree’s major roots are retained, ready for transportation using appropriate anchoring equipment.

Newman® Frame

The Newman® Frame is designed for use where tree spades are not practical. This innovative technology was originally developed by Civic Trees and has been exported to many different countries. It is now favoured by tree relocation experts worldwide.

This technology provides a stable framework with which to secure the tree’s trunk, essential roots and surrounding earth, enabling safe and efficient relocation. The Newman® Frame offers an economical method of moving larger trees of various species. For more information about this service and the benefits it provides, please contact our friendly team today. Alternatively, more details are available on the Glendale Civic Trees website.

Expert tree movers

We take pride in our position as an authority on tree relocations. From our liveried vehicles to our outstanding customer service, everything we do is designed to achieve professional results. Glendale is also happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes ahead of any work. This approach is intended to help you budget more effectively.

Benefits of choosing Glendale:

  • Semi-mature/mature trees relocated
  • Large, established trees relocated
  • Range of specialist equipment
  • Extensive in-house fleet of vehicles
  • Work completed by trained experts
  • Free, no-obligation quotes

Glendale’s expert tree movers offer a comprehensive service that is perfect for commercial and industrial applications. We use our experience and specialist equipment to complete tree relocations on a frequent basis. To discuss your individual project and any requirements you may have, please get in touch.

Contact our team using the form below. Simply fill in your details and we’ll arrange your free, no-obligation quote for our professional tree relocation services.

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