Commercial Weeding Services

Glendale's experts provide specialist weed control services for highways as well as industrial, commercial and private residential properties.

For commercial and industrial facilities, we favour the responsible use of chemical herbicides as the most effective and economical method of weed control. By ensuring weeds are kept to a minimum, Glendale can safeguard employees and minimise any damage caused to property and infrastructure.

Environments such as car parks and fences frequently experience weed growth, particularly in the warmer months. We can help to control this growth and keep such areas weed-free and looking their best. Glendale offers both one-off weed treatments and annual plant control contracts to best suit your requirements.

Our experts are fully trained and experienced in working within sensitive areas including power generation facilities and electrical substations. We provide a comprehensive commercial weed control service, from surveys and treatments right through to ongoing weed control schemes to minimise regrowth.

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Glendale's weed clearance service

We are experienced in conducting large-scale weed clearance in green spaces. Why not contact Glendale today to arrange your consultation survey? Our specialist ground teams will be able to assess the work that needs to be done and advise you on timescales.

Clearing weeds can be a time-consuming task and requires care, precision and the correct techniques. As weeds come in many different shapes and sizes, we alter our approach and equipment to best suit each specific situation. This can range from manually pulling up the plants and their roots to the careful treatment of areas using appropriate herbicides.

Our primary objective is to control weed growth on footpaths, sports surfaces, kerbsides, car parks and roads as well as hardstanding and gravel surfaces. We can also remove weed growth from grassed surfaces, shrub beds and borders. Glendale’s comprehensive weed clearance services help to prevent non-native species from competing with desired, native flora. We also provide expert aquatic weed control services for sites with ponds, fountains, streams and watercourses.

Our sprayer operatives are all qualified with the relevant National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) certification for the application of herbicides. However, as a company, Glendale is consciously opting for more environmentally-friendly commercial weed control options wherever possible. This includes the use of chemical-free, organic solutions and the application of mechanical control methods.

Why Glendale?

  • We are experienced in delivering quality commercial weed control services in a multitude of different environments
  • We only employ professionally trained, registered and certified personnel to carry out services and supervise those in training
  • We tailor our equipment and techniques to suit weather conditions and other environmental factors
  • We take pride in our professionalism and are committed to maintaining industry-leading health and safety standards

How Glendale makes it safe

Safety is always our top priority, protecting both our operatives and those who use your facility. To maintain a safe working environment, we undertake regular maintenance of our equipment, adhere to operational guidelines and observe the correct health and safety protocols.

As part of our safety practices, all Glendale operatives wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including high-visibility clothing, ear and eye protection, gloves and steel toe cap boots. We also ensure our storage and handling of hazardous chemicals such as herbicides is fully compliant with current COSHH regulations.

Weeds don’t only ruin the appearance of an area; they can also pose a health risk. For instance, brambles can become a trip hazard if left to grow unchecked and foliage on hard surfaces can also pose a fire hazard. Unregulated plant growth can even cause substantial structural damage to hard surfaces including pathways, pavements and roads. Uneven surfaces then create a trip hazard, resulting in an avoidable increase in risk to personnel. Our teams are ready to help keep your hard surfaces in great shape, reducing any chance of injury.

Glendale’s professional teams carefully select the correct equipment to deal with each weed problem. This means that any tools or chemical herbicides we use will be targeted and carefully administered, avoiding damage to property or to plants which you wish to keep. Be sure to contact our team with any questions regarding our commercial weeding services.

Glendale's strategy for invasive weeds

Recently, invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed have become major problems and subject to a lot of press coverage. When touched, Giant hogweed causes severe burns and blistering that appear similar to sunburn. Japanese knotweed can grow a staggering 4 inches a day in summer and also necessitates disposal at specialist licensed sites following a lengthy treatment time.

Weeds like this are very hazardous to people, wildlife and property and require urgent professional care to fully eradicate the problem. Be sure to visit our invasive species control page for more information.

Did you know? For the London 2012 Olympics, it cost approximately £70m to clear 10 acres of Japanese knotweed for the building of the Velodrome and Aquatic centres.

Using Herbicides

Common perennial weeds include creeping thistle, daisy, field horsetail, stinging nettle, goutweed and sheep sorrel. If the use of herbicides is deemed necessary to treat weed species such as these, Glendale will instigate an appropriate application plan. Knowing when and how to apply the appropriate herbicides not only achieves better results but also saves time and money by reducing the need for reapplication.

We normally treat weed infestations 3 times a year in the primary growing season – between the end of April and mid-September. Our operatives will use either ride-on machinery fitted with sprayers or manually apply chemicals using knapsack equipment. All herbicides we use are stored and applied in accordance with COSHH. We also require that they are named on our pre-approved chemical list, for quality control purposes. To safeguard our employees, all herbicides are used in accordance with international occupational health legislation (ISO 45001).

Weed infestations can range greatly in scale and impact. Glendale’s team is ready to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether your car park is looking untidy or you are concerned that an invasive species is posing a serious threat to your property’s structure, we have the specialist equipment and industry knowledge to help.

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