Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our occupational health and safety policy

Our occupational health and safety policy

At Glendale, we place safety at the heart of our operations. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety is demonstrated in our ISO 45001 certification and adherence to a stringent company safety policy. Our policy is shaped by a solid framework of legislation, regulations, and our fundamental Ten Golden Rules of Safety, which guide our day-to-day operations.

These ten Golden Rules are:

  1. Understand your occupational health and safety responsibilities.
  2. Ask your Supervisor’s or Manager’s advice if you are unsure.
  3. Never undertake unauthorised tasks or operations.
  4. Ensure the safety of your workmates and members of the public.
  5. Wear and use correctly all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety equipment that has been provided.
  6. It’s your responsibility to report defects, faults, hazards, near hits, and accidents.
  7. Ensure that your work equipment is safe before use.
  8. Know who your workforce representative is and their role.
  9. Never take part in horseplay or practical jokes at work.
  10. Suggest improvements for occupational health and safety at work.

Our dedication to safety extends to all our stakeholders, from our committed employees and respected clients to our esteemed visitors. These Golden Rules, combined with our various certifications and commitment to continual improvement, create an environment that prioritises safety above all else.

Beyond our ISO 45001 certification, we possess a portfolio of other recognitions, affirming our commitment to maintaining superior safety and quality standards. Each certification underpins our pledge to uphold a culture of safety, integrity, and continual improvement.

To further understand our commitment to safety, please click here to access our most up-to-date Safety Policy. We believe in the shared responsibility of ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Together, we can ensure that Glendale remains a leading example of safety excellence in the industry.

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