Glendale keep Forestry Commission sites accessible for all

Glendale has been awarded a one-year contract to keep 12 country parks in tip-top condition on behalf of the Forestry Commission.

The £10,000 programme of work will see Glendale providing grass cutting and vegetation management services to the sites that are located across Merseyside and Wigan.

The contract commenced on 1st April and will ensure that the popular sites are kept accessible all year round, keeping pathways wide and the picnic areas clean and tidy.

David Barkley, contract manager at Glendale, comments: “The 12 sites covered by the contract are heavily used, particularly at this time of year, and we need to be mindful and sympathetic towards the users and schedule our work around the busier usage times.

“We are working closely with the Forestry Commission in order to programme our works appropriately, avoiding busy periods and also ensuring that the sites are looking great ahead of any special events.”

The Forestry Commission manages and maintains almost 250,000 hectares of woodland in the North West and West Midlands area including three National Parks and eight areas of Outstanding National Beauty.


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