Glendale Secures Prestigious Spot in Mayor of London’s Design Lab 2023 for the Green Sector!

As a leading UK grounds maintenance and landscaping company, Glendale is proud to announce our acceptance as the WIN Design participant for the Green Sector in the esteemed Mayor of London’s Design Lab for 2023!

In a significant stride towards a more sustainable and fairer future, Glendale has been recognised for its dedication to nurturing an environmentally responsible community. Our selection into the Design Lab mirrors our ongoing efforts to promote diversity within our workforce, and we are eager to propel our equity and inclusivity objectives further.

About The Mayor of London’s Design Lab

The Design Lab 2023 is an exclusive programme that invites only 30 pioneering companies across London to take part in a journey of transformation. This initiative is centred on infusing anti-racism and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices into the heart of London’s economic activities. Participants will benefit from expert training, tailored coaching, and a wealth of resources to help them accelerate their business in a way that is more equal and beneficial for everyone. The ultimate aim is to foster collaboration, co-design, and implement tangible changes within businesses, across numerous sectors, and throughout the London economy.

Even London, one of the most diverse cities in the world, still struggles with the challenges of exclusion and discrimination, with many ethnic minorities facing a number of barriers when looking for jobs. This is why the Design Lab was formed. The Design Lab consists of an 8-month advanced EDI programme that delves into anti-racism and change management within companies and the wider London community. Created by anti-racism leaders, the programme equips teams with a strong EDI foundation, providing frameworks and tools to drive real change.

Participants will learn collectively, gaining insights into managing inclusive spaces and applying cutting-edge ‘Equity by Design’ engagement methods. The initiative blends training, coaching, and strategic planning to integrate equity and diversity deeply into company cultures. Companies will finish the programme with practical know-how, reusable resources, and actionable plans to enhance EDI, contributing to the broader narrative of workforce integration in London.

A Leap for Glendale

For Glendale, this isn’t just an accolade – it’s a responsibility and a chance for profound organisational development. Although the start date has yet to be announced, the anticipation of being accepted has been building since March/April, so we are thrilled to now declare our involvement.

At Glendale, championing diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of what we do, as we strive to cultivate a green services industry that is as varied and inclusive as the environments we care for. Being selected is a testament to our long-standing commitment to creating greener spaces and a more accepting industry.

Our managers, supervisors, and support staff are eager to immerse themselves in unparalleled learning and development opportunities. Through the Design Lab, we will fine-tune our strategies to foster a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve, and the natural environments we protect and enhance.

The benefits of diversity within businesses are clear and compelling, as a diverse workforce is not just a moral imperative but a definitive economic advantage. Inclusive organisations are proven to outperform their peers, enjoying higher employee satisfaction, superior financial results, and a greater propensity for innovation. By participating, Glendale will create pathways for more Londoners from varied backgrounds to access quality work opportunities, driving the green sector forward and exemplifying how inclusivity can be woven into the fabric of our business model.

Looking Ahead

As we gear up for this exciting chapter, Glendale invites you to join us in this transformative journey!  Keep an eye on our news section and socials for updates on our progress and insights from the Design Lab experience.

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