Glendale Looks to the Future Trialling a High-Spec Electric Tool Carrier

1 year ago

Glendale continues to strive for a green future by trialling a range of electric machines to add to our fleet. In June, the team trialled a new electric tool carrier machine from the Dutch manufacturing company AllTrec in Lewisham.

This new machine was a production prototype and was being shown to potential customers, councils, and large contractors around the UK for some feedback.

The prototype was extremely impressive in regard to its spec – some of the technology it’s been constructed with is currently seen in the automotive industry with remote performance monitoring and diagnostics, over air software updates and parameter changes all available. Power transmission is via 4-wheel motors which vary the power output depending on the terrain, for example, if the machine is climbing a hill, then more power is diverted to the rear wheels to aid climbing.


Some pertinent specs of the new electric tool carrier:

The mower deck works to 35deg, 2.7mtr cut, real-world 9hr run time, weighs 1800kg approx., similar to an MP493 Ransomes Batwing, 25km/h travel speed, it has a cab-aircon, heater and many more features.

Attachments available in future will be varied deck sizes, leaf blower, salt spreader, weed brush edging tools and a hot air weed burner – all of which are plug and play.

The Glendale team discussed how viable implementing one of these electric tool carriers into our operations would be – it’s at a much steeper price than our current units and we would need to buy all the attachments to fully utilise it all year-round which further increases the cost. Implementation would require a rethink on how operations are carried out that could be done with a single machine.

Even though this would be a big investment, Glendale is keen to increase biodiversity and contribute toward a greener future for the UK. We’re currently awaiting a production demo unit to become available as we’d be excited to trial this unit over a longer period to see how it performs.


Amsterdam runs over 20 of these types of electric units and some of the large Dutch cities are going emission-free on grounds maintenance machines as of next year. A fantastic step forward for Amsterdam, here at Glendale, we also have a massive goal of reducing our emissions and we’re striving to meet that goal each day. The demos we’re attending and carrying out are just a small step towards a bigger picture for us, which is becoming completely carbon neutral.

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