Tell us about you – Deric Newman

This week, Deric Newman, sales manager from Civic Trees tells us about his activities outside of work.

Deric comments: “Outside of the office I am very involved with my local rugby club, Tring RUFC.  I spent 10 years on the main committee, serving five as Secretary. I recently led a project which saw the club become a charity and, having recently left my position on the committee, I am planning on taking my coaching badges so I can work with my sons in their age groups.”.

Deric’s passion for rugby doesn’t end there, he is also going to be a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup in Autumn.

He says: “I have been allocated to Transport Services working out of the Milton Keynes Fleet Hub.  I could be doing anything associated with the logistics of moving people around but I really hope that I will be driving a flash Range Rover and delivering VIPs from hotels to the stadium and back on match days!  Alternatively, I might be cleaning cars!  Who knows, who cares, it’s just great to be involved!

“We had our Volunteer Workforce Kick-Off event in May where 4,000 of the 6,000 volunteers gathered at Stadium MK.  This is the only time the volunteers from across the country got together as one.  We had a great day listening to some great legends of the game and the organisers of the competition, as well as doing some bonding exercises and singing Jerusalem with the wonderful opera singer, Laura Wright.

“I was one of 15 volunteers selected to ‘model’ the uniform that we will be wearing whilst on duty. Walking on the stage in procession behind the Rugby World Cup was something of a highlight!  It is going to be a very exciting and interesting experience!”

In his spare time, Deric is also a leader at his local Scout Group and is currently responsible for leading one of the Beaver colonies.


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