Blossoming in Business: Jenny Proctor – Pick of the Bunch

Introducing Jenny Proctor, one of Glendale’s Commercial Business Coordinators, as our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ for November! Jenny, with her effervescent personality and problem-solving prowess, perfectly encapsulates the essence of our behind-the-scenes champions.

Jenny’s journey at Glendale is a testament to her remarkable adaptability. Her path to our team began unexpectedly after redundancy from her previous job, presenting a challenge that soon transformed into an opportunity. Despite having accepted another role, Jenny’s course altered, she recalls, “In my first week there, I received a call off Stuart to offer me this position, and it didn’t take me long at all to decide to accept his offer. So, I made the move and never looked back, I’m so glad I did.”

Since joining Glendale, Jenny told us about the significant evolution in her skills. “I’ve learnt how to navigate Google Drive… I’ve learnt how to get things resolved quickly, from a broken-down boiler in the office to a newly purchased vehicle that needs taxing asap.” She says, adding, “I’ve learnt that there is always a way to solve any problem,” contributing this skill growth to her strong mindset – “I’m a determined person and I don’t like to be defeated.”

With this determination in mind, we delved into the most significant challenge she has encountered since joining our team and how she overcame it. Joining in February 2020, Jenny revealed that the sudden shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic was a massive challenge for her considering she was just three weeks into the role, Jenny reflects, “…it was definitely a sink or swim moment but I had no doubts at all that I would just get stuck in and do everything I could to make sure I was doing things properly. I’m not afraid to ask questions and I probably got a bit annoying for Rebecca, but her and Stuart’s patience and support was amazing.”

Jenny spoke highly of Stuart Darbyshire, who has been mentioned a couple of times already, acknowledging him as her biggest inspiration within the company, stating, “I really admire his hard work, he always has time to help me solve anything with great advice too, he always explains things and I learn so much from him.”

What does a typical day look like for Jenny? Although there’s a lot to do, Jenny finds solace in nature – very fitting for working in the green services sector! When asked about how she would describe her work life to a friend, she states, “It’s a very busy role and I always have lots to do, and I love doing it. Sometimes, it’s like spinning plates, my organisational skills are used perfectly in this role.  Being at work at the Head Office, which is situated at Duxbury, the surroundings are absolutely beautiful, I am always walking every day, enjoying the gardens and the fresh air, it’s become a part of my daily work life. It helps to refresh the senses and puts a spring in my step.”

When asked about her favourite aspect of the job, she revealed:

“My most favourite part of my job is helping people to solve any issues they are having, this can be with fuel cards, mobile phone issues or just general queries. For them, it can hold up their day and make life hard work, so when I can help somebody to resolve an issue and help them get on with their day, I get a real sense of satisfaction, it’s heartwarming when they thank me, I don’t do it for the thanks and praise but to just know it’s made their life easier is a great feeling. It’s been said that when someone didn’t know who to ask, they knew I’d know the answer or point them in the right direction!”

At Glendale, we not only strive for excellence in our everyday tasks but also take pride in contributing positively to our community. Jenny, reflecting on her most significant achievement at work, shares a task that goes beyond her daily responsibilities.

“I’ve organised a charity Halloween day, we all dressed up, brought food in to share and donated to St Catherine’s Hospice, we raised £100 and then the company matched this to make it £200, I actually filled up a bit when I found this out, I was really touched by that and I was really proud of myself, I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s something I’ll be organising again, I really enjoyed it.”

Stepping beyond her professional life, we were curious to know which superpower Jenny would choose if given the chance.

“I’d probably have to say time travel, the history of old buildings fascinates me for some reason, so I’d love to go back in time and see buildings in their full working glory with the people using it as it originally was.”

This sentiment of cherishing the past aligns closely with the advice Jenny would offer her younger self: “Make memories, life is short!” Simple yet great advice for anyone reading. Jenny’s aspirations don’t just stop in the past; they extend to her future goals as well. Topping her bucket list is the desire to witness the Northern Lights and to fulfil a lifelong dream of owning a classic blue Mustang!

A massive thank you, Jenny, for being an integral part of the Glendale team and letting us spotlight your journey and personality.

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