Meet our newest arboriculture apprentice Billy Chisholm

Billy Chisholm joined Glendale as an apprentice arborist in November 2015. The 17-year-old is based at the company’s contract in Rotherham, South Yorkshire providing tree services on behalf of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Before joining the apprenticeship Billy attended Aston Academy and worked part-time at JD Sports whilst trying to find something more permanent in an industry he was passionate about.

Billy heard about Glendale’s arboriculture apprenticeship through a close family member who works for one of the organisation’s clients in Rotherham.

As part of his apprenticeship, Billy studies once a month at Askham Bryan College learning the theoretical elements of tree care and maintenance and gaining the qualifications which will help him progress further as an arborist. He is also gaining practical experience with chainsaws and chippers in his day to day work as a member of one of Glendale’s arboriculture teams.

Billy comments: “I feel the scheme has developed my skill set and I am currently learning new skills in a safe way and also the correct way.  My favourite aspect of the job is learning how to use the various bits of equipment and working as part of a team.  I personally find the work very interesting and the advantage is that I’m gaining the skills required to hopefully obtain a full-time position as an arborist with Glendale.

“The most challenging experience on the apprenticeship scheme so far was using the pole saw for the first time.  It took a lot of time to get used to and it was quite complicated but I overcame this and over time I gained more and more confidence which saw me use the pole saw correctly and also comfortably.”

Since starting the apprenticeship in 2015 Billy has completed his RoSPA accredited Human Focus health and safety training and First Aid certificate.  He has also achieved his NPTC Chipper Ticket giving him the qualifications required to use a manually fed wood chipper.  This has been his most rewarding experience on the apprenticeship so far.

Billy’s key ambition, once he has graduated, is to become a full-time arborist with Glendale. He would like to achieve all of the NPTC qualifications necessary to become a fully qualified arborist and complete his NVQ level 2 in Trees and Timber.

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