Reaching New Heights – Pick of the Bunch – Jack Gardener

Introducing Jack Gardener, one of Glendale’s very talented arboricultural apprentices! For this month’s Pick of the Bunch, we delve into Jack’s journey and the aspirations that keep him climbing higher, both literally and figuratively.

Jack’s love for his job is evident from the outset. When asked what he enjoys most about his role, he states, “Being able to work outside, as someone who enjoys the outdoors, this job is perfect.” This love for the open air is not just a personal preference but also a common driving force for many who choose to venture into this rewarding sector.

When asked to describe his team, Jack’s respect and admiration for his colleagues are clear. “Like family,” he states. “They have been extremely supportive and helped me overcome many obstacles in my role. Being a good team takes patience and communication, I know all my teammates want me to do well.” This sense of unity and support is a significant aspect of Jack’s positive experience at Glendale and is also reflective of the strong team spirit that is prevalent across our teams nationwide.

Looking forward, Jack has set clear goals for himself. “To pass my chainsaw from a rope and harness course, become a strong climber, and lead my own team,” he outlines. His ambitions showcase a strong drive to succeed and a clear vision for his future in arboriculture.

Jack’s entry into this field was a blend of academic achievement and a quest for hands-on experience. “After I did my degree, I knew I wanted to do something outside that included rope access. I did some research and landed on Glendale’s apprenticeship scheme,” he recounts.

On the topic of choosing an apprenticeship, Jack offers a pragmatic perspective. “I didn’t [choose an apprenticeship over further education],” he clarifies. “I saw the value of doing a degree, however, I wanted to learn some new skills, and this is the type of work that you need to do whilst you are young. I can do graphic design at any point in my life.”

Here at Glendale, we have an award-winning apprenticeship scheme and we put a big focus on getting more young people into the green services sector, providing a robust platform for learning and growth.

Shifting to a lighter topic, we asked Jack if he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life, what would he choose? “Definitely sushi, shout out MOMO sushi bar in Camberwell, best sushi in London!”

Since joining Glendale, Jack has noticed significant skill development. “Glendale has put me through all the necessary training courses to become a qualified arborist,” he shares, adding, “I also have the added experience of learning on the job, picking up valuable skills from other team members.”

Reflecting on a moment of pride, Jack recalls a significant achievement so far in his career. “After doing my first pollard on a decently sized tree. This felt like a real accomplishment and gave me a huge confidence boost that I can really do this job,” he remarks, illustrating both his progress and his growing confidence in his role.

For those considering a similar path into a tree surgeon apprenticeship, Jack’s advice is direct and encouraging: “Do it! Don’t let things get to you and make sure you’re ready for the cold.” He also mentioned that the most important skills to have included “Patience and the ability to communicate clearly with others as it can get stressful at times.”

Discussing any challenges of his job, Jack mentions, “Truly the cold during the winter months. Wrap up warm and make sure to bring hot food & drink,” offering practical advice based on his own experiences.

When it comes to aspirations outside work, Jack dreams of a road trip to Fontainebleau in France. In a different vein, when we asked who he would choose to meet out of anyone in the world, dead or alive, his choice reflects his varied interests. “Eric Gill & Claude Garamond. Two heavyweights in the world of type design and both equally important in my creative process. I’d like to talk to them about their process and philosophy on life,” he explains.

A massive thanks to Jack for agreeing to participate in our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ for this month – we wish him nothing but luck for his journey ahead as a Glendale apprentice. If you would like to know more about our apprenticeships and follow in Jack’s footsteps, visit our apprenticeships page – we often have vacancies available for you to get your foot in the door of this rewarding industry.

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