Humans cost the world 15 billion trees a year

Tree supply, plant and relocation specialist, Glendale Civic Trees, is calling for more trees to be planted, following a new report which revealed humans are responsible for the deforestation of an estimated 15 billion trees a year.

The in-depth study, carried out by academics at Yale University, estimates the world’s tree population as three trillion.

Human activity has been cited as the biggest factor behind an almost 46 per cent loss of the world’s trees since the beginning of human civilisation.

Although three trillion trees is more than originally anticipated, Deric Newman, sales manager at Civic Trees, says the rate at which they are being felled is alarming.

“Sometimes tree felling is necessary, such as when a fungus disease is present, so it’s important to prevent spreading. But, often in these cases, new trees are planted elsewhere.

“However, there’s no guarantee that when complete forests are cleared for timber or paper production or to provide land for farmland or housing developments, that new trees are always planted – and this needs to change.

“There are countless environmental benefits to planting trees. They produce oxygen and act as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as acting as effective sound barriers.

“Trees are also useful when it comes to preventing flood damage, as the roots help the soil hold large amounts of water while helping to combat soil erosion. They also help to create visually pleasing landscapes and increase the amount of green open spaces, which provide a place for communities to get together, as well as acting as a habitat for wildlife.

“Other studies have found that trees have a significant positive effect on stress levels, with getting close to nature considered as one of the best ways of improving overall health.

“September through to November is the best time to plant trees, because this is the time of year at which the ground is in the right condition for the roots to ground and grow before winter arrives, so local authorities and commercial organisations must strike while the iron’s hot.”

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