Glendale’s specialists called in to dismantle a hazardous tree

A team of experienced arborists from green service provider Glendale were called upon to dismantle a hazardous tree in Surrey.

The large Sequoiadendron giganteum Wellingtonia, thought to be 150-years-old had been significantly damaged in a storm in 2016 and posed a risk to residents and property.

David Sullivan, an arboricultural consultant and contract supervisor with Glendale, had been monitoring the tree since the lightning strike, he said: “I carried out a resistograph test in order to assess the level of wood decay, stages of rot, ring structure and cavities in the timber with a view evaluating the longevity of the tree.  This technology is fast, accurate and reliable and can detect decay with very little impact on the tree.

“Unfortunately, in this case, I found signs of significant decay through the centre of the tree and, due to its close proximity to residential properties, a decision was made to fell it before it became even more of a risk.”

A team of six tree specialists completed the carefully planned dismantle in under four hours to ensure minimum disruption to local residents and commuters using the nearby road.  The tree was felled in sections and a mobile crane used to lower the pieces safely to the ground.

Phil Hyatt, contract manager at Glendale said: “It is always a shame when any tree has to be removed, but when its a specimen of this size and age it is even more of a loss.  Wellingtonia are such spectacular trees and have such historic significance in the local area, but when they become a risk to public safety, that has to be the first priority.

“I’m very proud of the work my team did on this project and the success of this project is a testament to the equipment we have available to us and the expert staff we employ.”


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