Glendale saves a 300-year-old cedar

Glendale have ensured that a 300-year-old tree continues to thrive.

Surrey County Council asked Glendale to carry out cable bracing on a 300-year-old cedar within the grounds of a local library.  The cedar was being attacked by woodpeckers, which was having a detrimental effect on the tree’s structural integrity.

Glendale’s contract manager, Phil Hyatt, said: “The installation of cable bracing should ensure the tree’s future life and mitigate any risks posed by failing limbs, especially during the winter if it snows as cedars are prone to limb failures with the added weight of snow.

“We used a Cobra tree cabling system to stabilise the tree, which was installed high in the canopy, at least two-thirds the distance from the defect to the crown.”

A pre-climb inspection was completed by Glendale’s arborists, Charlie Edwards and Christian Miller, in order to mark up where the bracing was required.  It took two climbers two hours to mark up where the bracing needed to be installed with the final installation taking about three hours.

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