Glendale launches its Arb Academy

Glendale’s Arb Academy is a bespoke programme for training specialist arboriculture staff.

The Arb Academy was first launched in 2013 in response to a shortage of skilled utility arborists in the local area.  The academy aimed to fill any skills gaps within the existing workforce by delivering a comprehensive programme of bespoke training tailored to each employee.

Since its launch, it has seen over 20 members of staff complete a tailored training programme in arboriculture with a 100 per cent pass and retention rate.

It is an essential part of Glendale’s service provision that all of the organisation’s utility arborists hold NPTC UA Certificates of Competency in Arboriculture as a minimum requirement and meet the industry standards for overhead line clearance.

The academy ensures that both existing and new employees receive full training to cover the requirements of the organisation’s contracts particularly with high and low voltage electricity providers.

Neil Common, arboriculture apprentice with Glendale’s Arb Academy, comments: “Before Glendale I didn’t have anything, I didn’t know where to go with my career and it’s given me a skilled career.  It helps young people get on the career ladder as well, which is perfect because there’s not a lot of opportunities out there.”

Terry Doyle, regional director for the south west, comments: “The Arb Academy has been a tremendous success and has allowed Glendale to invest in every level of workforce from new candidates starting a career with us to our existing staff which improves team morale as well as our efficiency and effectiveness.”


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