Glendale helps to prevent a river bank collapse in Surrey

Arboricultural specialists from green space management company Glendale removed five trees that were threatening to collapse a river bank in Dorking, Surrey.

The Poplars were located on the River Mole, 40 feet below a road bridge on the A24 near Burford Bridge.  The trees, which were growing at an unusual angle, were causing damage to the piling that held the riverbank together.

Glendale’s experienced arborists dismantled each of the trees in sections using step cutting techniques.  Due to the location of the trees below the road level, the project necessitated the use of a crane to lift each of the sections to a designated drop zone on the bridge where they could be chipped.

Each section was securely attached to the crane with chains at the highest point before cutting.  A directional pull rope was also attached, allowing the ground staff on the bridge to control the section as it was lifted.

Local traffic management company, Forest Traffic Services Ltd, were called in to set up a lane closure on the bridge that would accommodate the team and the 60-ton crane required to complete the job.  It was essential for Glendale’s team to work both safely and efficiently throughout the project so that all lanes on the busy dual carriageway could be reopened as quickly as possible.

Phil Hyatt, contract manager, comments: “We were delighted to be able to help our client, Surrey County Council, in completing this challenging tree dismantle.  The short window of time and location of the five trees required careful planning but the job was executed well by the team and the trees removed safely in order to preserve the integrity of the river bank.”

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