Five promotions as green services firm grows in south west

National green services company Glendale has made five promotions to boost its senior management team, as it continues to expand its presence in the south-west.

Vicky Ebbrell, Laura Owens, Wayne Gostling, Zoe Shillabeer and Anthony Jones have all been promoted to contract management positions.

In her new role, Vicky, who joined Glendale in 2007 as a sales administrator before building up a series of industry qualifications, will manage all landscaping projects delivered by the company across the south-west.

Elsewhere Anthony will oversee Glendale’s Wessex-based contract, including woodland management services, in his new role of woodland and countryside manager, while Laura steps up to manage the Newport City Homes contract, a four-year partnership involving the delivery of grass and hedge cutting services at homes in the city. Both Anthony and Laura joined Glendale through the company’s graduate programme.

Wayne, who originally started out as an arborist, has been with the firm since 2005 and progressed through the ranks in the roles of team leader, supervisor and junior manager. Now stepping up to the position of arboriculture operations manager, he’ll oversee the work Glendale carries out on behalf of Western Power Distribution in the region.

In addition, Zoe, who joined Glendale as a trainee arborist in 2008, will lead the company’s Bristol-based arboriculture team, overseeing health and safety management, client liaison, staff management and pricing.

Prior to their promotions, all staff had undertaken internal training as part of Glendale’s management development programme which covers all aspects of the business, from purchasing and business development to human resources and finance.

Terry Doyle, regional director for the south-west at Glendale said: “This latest group of promotions reflects both the strength of our workforce and our commitment to developing our staff, as well as our intention to continue expanding our presence in the south-west region. Having completed the management development programme myself in 2001, it has been a pleasure to watch Anthony, Vicky, Laura, Wayne and Zoe thrive in their careers at Glendale and work their way up to management positions.

While attracting skilled staff through external recruitment is always a priority, it’s incredibly important to nurture existing talent and provide ample opportunities for professional development.

As a result, we have a strong, talented team dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy.”



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