2014 Chairman’s Award Winners Announced

Glendale is pleased to announce that the 2014 winners of the Chairman’s Award are:

Tommy McAndrew, service supervisor, Liverpool

Mickey Dalgarno, lead charge hand, Aspire Housing 

The runner-up for the Chairman’s Award is:

Kim Iverson, team leader cleansing North Somerset

Andy Corcoran, managing director, comments: “The Chairman’s Award is a prestigious honour and is an acknowledgement of an individual’s outstanding efforts.

“It is the culmination of a year of endeavour and enterprise and represents the ultimate recognition from the Glendale board and our founder and chairman, Tony Hewitt.”

Tommy McAndrew

Tommy has been working in the cemeteries division of the Glendale Liverpool contract for the past 13 years.  His enthusiastic attitude, dependability and flexibility have been recognised this year with the 2014 Chairman’s Award.

Alan Stevens, operations manager at Glendale Liverpool, comments: Tommy has been a consummate employee from the start; however this year has been an exceptional year for him.  He is a big team player and is quick to promote the organisation and his team.  He is selfless in his actions and helps those who are struggling.”

Tommy features on every emergency call out list at Glendale Liverpool and takes responsibility for emergencies from fallen trees to depot building alarms.  Glendale’s client, Liverpool City Council is grateful to have him managing their projects and is confident in the great results he delivers.

Alan continues: “Tommy regularly volunteers his own time to support local community groups; his generosity rarely knows any bounds.  I have had the pleasure of mentoring Tommy over the past year and I find him highly motivated to work with.  He embodies what I believe Glendale is all about: “consistently going that extra mile for the sake of the service we provide.”  He exudes the spirit and values of Glendale by making work a pleasure and has immense pride in what we do as an organisation.

“Tommy is an unsung hero who I feel is truly worthy of the Chairman’s Award.”

Mickey Dalgarno

Mickey has been the lead charge hand on Glendale’s contract with Aspire Housing for over 12-years and has been with Glendale for over 22-years making him one of the Company’s longest serving employees.

Mickey was nominated for the Chairman’s Award in recognition of his hard work and attention to detail in ensuring that the Aspire Housing contract is a complete success.

Jim Hadgett, contract manager on Glendale’s Apsire Housing contract, comments: “Mickey’s attention to detail is second to none and his determination to ensure everything is completed to beyond the required standard and at the correct time is inspiring.

“His dedication is not just confined to his work for Aspire, but for everything associated with the contract including training, machinery maintenance, customer care and all-round control of the depot and operations.

“Mickey was due to retire this December, but he is now considering staying on further.  No one knows more than me that he will be an impossible man to replace.”

Kim Iverson

Kim has been working on Glendale’s North Somerset contract since May 2013.  She was announced as a runner-up for the 2014 Chairman’s Award in recognition of her flexible and enthusiastic attitude toward the operational demands of the North Somerset contract and her overall commitment to her work.

David Buckley, general manager of Glendale’s contract with North Somerset Council, comments: “Kim brings enthusiasm, commitment and an excellent work ethic to all the tasks she carries out.  She has an engaging personality, which is very evident when she is interacting with visitors to Weston-super-Mare’s seafront and Town Centre.  We have received a number of positive responses from the general public who find her a joy to talk to.

“An evening shift evolved in response to the demands of street cleansing during the summer period as holidaymakers enjoyed the latter part of the day on the beach and promenade. Kim’s flexible and ‘can-do’ attitude to this innovative approach to operational demands has been regarded as a great success by our client, North Somerset Council.”

Andy Corcoran comments: “I am sure you will all join me in congratulating each of our winners and all of the nominees for the passion, loyalty and commitment they each show towards Glendale.”

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