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Providing you with regular updates on what Glendale is doing in your local area.

For the last ten years Glendale’s arboriculture teams in Launceston have helped the Launceston Chamber of Commerce organise the town’s Christmas lights and erect a large Christmas tree in the square.

Government approval has now been granted for two brand new Trailblazer apprenticeship standards which are set to benefit employers in the forestry and arboriculture sector.

National green services provider Glendale is supporting a campaign to protect hedgehogs and create awareness of their declining population.

In early November Glendale’s team based in North Somerset undertook a day of flood defence training.

Glendale is pleased to announce that they have successfully achieved exor accreditation following an annual assessment process.

Employees from Liverpool City Council’s green service provider were honoured in the fifth annual Glendale Liverpool Recognition awards ceremony.

National green services supplier Glendale donated enough plants, trees and hay bales to create an autumnal scene at the Watford Colosseum ready for Watford Community Housing Trust’s biggest community event of the year, Community at the Colosseum.