Nick of Time: Turning Over a New Leaf at Glendale – Nick Garcia – Pick of the Bunch

1 month ago

In our latest ‘Pick of the Bunch’, we shine the spotlight on Nick Garcia, the enthusiastic Contract Manager at Glendale’s Milton Keynes branch. Nick’s path to Glendale, through a TUPE transfer from Serco, marks a new chapter in his career, one he approaches with a blend of experience and fresh perspectives.

Nick describes his role at Glendale as uniquely rewarding, especially in its diversity. “Varied, no day is the same,” he remarks. When asked about the aspect of his job he enjoys the most, he shares, “I most enjoy working with the staff from the operational team, management, and client. I like how my role interlinks all these people together to deliver our service to the residents of Milton Keynes. It makes me proud of the service I and Glendale deliver to the city I live in.” This sense of pride and teamwork is a testament to the positive impact Nick has in his position, embodying the spirit and commitment Glendale values in its team members.

Discussing his future goals, Nick’s ambition is as clear as his dedication. “To deliver Glendale’s new contract in Milton Keynes going into a new year” is his immediate focus, alongside “looking for new work opportunities for the company and meeting the wider Glendale team.” He also aims to develop his own skills and learn to progress further in his career.

Nick’s love for the field dates back to his teenage years. He shares, “Gardening and landscaping bring me joy, combining hard work and a passion to produce an environment that is aesthetically pleasing that people can enjoy.” This passion has been the driving force behind his career choice.

Reflecting on his current role, Nick mentions, “Sometimes it does not seem there is enough time in the day,” highlighting the dynamic and challenging nature of his job.

We asked Nick if he had three wishes in life, what would they be? Nick responded with “For my children to have a long, happy, and successful life. A return to my youth to be a successful sportsman (football or golf). A greener, cleaner, and safer world.” Nick’s last wish aligns closely with Glendale’s ethos. Our company, having achieved carbon neutrality for two consecutive years and aiming for a third, resonates with Nick’s vision of an eco-friendly world. After all, as a company specialising in green services, embodying environmental sustainability is not just a responsibility but a core value we uphold.

Joining Glendale brought new experiences and learning opportunities for Nick. “I have been exposed to more financial and higher-level management which has helped me develop my skills and learning in these areas,” he explains, anticipating further career progression with Glendale.

Nick’s proudest moments reflect his commitment to excellence. He stated, “When Milton Keynes hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2015, we brought one of our sports pitches up to world-class standard to have the Fiji and Samoa national team train on it. The RFU acknowledged the amount of hard work that went into bringing it up to standard and that it was one of the best training pitches at the tournament.

“Another was at my last company I was also in charge of the cleansing of the borough, MK council had an external audit of the city centre cleanliness. It was described in the report as being credited as world-class standard. This was 6 months after I took the position and made changes to the team and overall management of the cleansing of the city centre.”

When it comes to facing challenges, Nick believes in the power of communication. “The change of companies for the staff was a big challenge,” he acknowledges, noting his role in easing this transition and making staff feel comfortable. He overcame this challenge by focusing on “closer communication with the staff and helping to rectify the challenges we are facing.”

Outside of work, Nick is a passionate supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, he jokingly mentioned “They need all the help they can get!” He also harbours an aspiration to learn to fly a plane or helicopter, revealing a side of him that seeks adventure and new experiences.

For Nick, the most important skill in his role is “A clear understanding and the ability to interact from the bottom to the top.” This approach has been key to his success in managing diverse teams and projects.

Nick’s commitment to his work, the community, and personal development makes him an exemplary member of our team and a true ‘Pick of the Bunch’. A massive thank you to Nick for agreeing to take part in our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ series, we’re beyond grateful to be able to highlight our fantastic team members. Stay tuned for next month’s ‘Pick of the Bunch’!

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