New trees for trunk road

National green services provider Glendale has carried out vital tree cutting services on a major Aroad leading into Caernarfon.

A total of 10 trees on the A487 were in poor health due to decay caused by vehicle impact, and were a potential danger to road users.

There has also been an issue in the area with honey fungus, the common name given to different species of fungi which spreads underground, attacking the roots of a plant leading to decay.

Asa Bentham, service delivery manager at Glendale, said: “New trees have been planted in an area close by to the original location in order to protect them from damage. We are aware of trees further down the road which could potentially be in the same predicament, which may mean additional work will be required.

“UK tree species are facing the growing threat of new and existing diseases, which is why it’s so important to act fast when infection is identified.

“This has been a sizeable project of vital work which has made a great visual impact on the area surrounding the road, as well as providing significant benefits to the environment.

Glendale staff worked to repopulate an area close by, planting 10 Tilia Cordata Greenspire as replacements for the felled trees.

The work was commissioned by the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency (NMWTRA) which is responsible for managing all trunk roads in the North and Mid Wales area.

A team from Glendale consisting of 12 arborists and two supervisors delivered the work, which saw mature trees including lime, sycamore and horse chestnut removed. The wood will be reused as firewood due to its condition.

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