Meet the team…Jack Danzey

Today we are joined by Jack Danzey to talk about his role with Glendale, how he got started in arboriculture and why he loves working in the industry.

  1. What date did you join Glendale?
    Week commencing 25th May
  2. In your current role what are your main responsibilities?
    My main responsibilities are all aspects of arboriculture including felling, crown reductions, thinning, pollarding also including health and safety, making sure the job gets done on time and to budget and making sure the job is done safely.

  3. What position did you hold before joining Glendale as an arborist, how long were you there for and who did you work for?
    I worked as a lead climber for CHTS (Christopher Hoare Tree Services) based in Hampshire, New Forest.  I was there for one year working on their power line contract.

  4. What were your main responsibilities within that role?
    Because I was a team leader I was mainly working in the tree, making sure that the cuts were nice and that the tree was brought down safely.  I was also responsible for ensuring the safety of the workers.

  5. How did you hear about the referral scheme?
    I heard about the referral scheme through an old colleague who I used to work with in Southampton.  I was also working with my current manager’s brother at the time and so I had heard of Glendale.

  6. Did you find the arborist referral scheme a useful way of gaining employment?
    I found the referral scheme to be a very useful way of gaining employment

  7. How long have you been working in the arboriculture industry?
    I have been in the industry for four and a half years

  8. What attracted you to the industry and how did you get started?
    I think it’s every kids dream to swing from trees and use some big equipment and get paid for it!  That and chasing dinosaurs in space!  A lot of my friends were arborists and they talked about how great it was.  My cousin married an arborist who owned his own company, M Russell Tree Specialists, and he took me on for my first two and a half years as an arborist.  I put myself through all my qualifications and tickets in order to become a fully qualified arborist.

  9. What are the benefits of being an arborist?  Do you enjoy it?
    You are keeping the world safe and green and of course, you stay fit.  I get to work with some great guys and I always come to work with a smile on my face.

  10. What are the main goals you want to achieve in your first few months with Glendale and are you enjoying it so far?
    My main goal is to fit in, get on with my work and enjoy life.  I am absolutely enjoying working with Glendale so far!


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