Introducing Glendale Managed Services

Glendale is the UK’s leading green services provider. Our experts are passionate about keeping your green spaces healthy and attractive.

Watch the full video now to find out more about the work Glendale does.

Introducing Glendale Managed Services

Leading a Greener Future

Video Transcript

Terry Doyle – Managing Director, South

Glendale is a national green services provider carrying out grounds management, tree surgery, winter maintenance, and estates management from over 50 locations across the UK.”

Alex Paterson – Managing Director

Our customers come to us and what they say in choosing Glendale is that we want to see all services provided by a single service supplier. To do that, what we need is real technical specialisms right across the breadth of green services.

Grounds Maintenance

Ben White – Director of Estates, North

We understand that first impressions count. Our teams focus on all the horticultural features on a site, the grass, the shrubs, the hedges, to make sure that our customer’s sites look the best they can.

Richard Hope – Surrey Arboriculture Manager

We are able to offer emergency call-out for any hazardous trees nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Landscaping – Magical landscape transformations are our specialty – from design, to build and operate, to maintain.

The Kingsbrook Estate – Aylesbury for Barratt Homes

This is part of a housing development site at the moment and once everything is finished and the residents have taken place in their houses they will be able to walk around along the paths that we are creating here and around to the viewing platform to feed the ducks and enjoy everything around this.

Winter Maintenance – We don’t down our tools in winter, keep your business moving with our snow and gritting services.

So our comprehensive winter maintenance service is there to provide our customers with that peace of mind that their sites will remain open and safe during the winter period.”

Woodland Management – We have acres of woodland management experience.

Deric Newman – Civic Trees

Whether it is an existing design that needs implementation, or just the seed of an idea that needs developing, we work in partnership with builders and developers, estates and private clients right across the country.”

Alex Paterson – Managing Director

Any business that’s been at the forefront of its market sector for 30 years knows to be here and to continue to be here for another 30 years and beyond, we have to keep innovating.

Glendale Live – Technology is a t the forefront of our business with our cloud-based app.

Terry Doyle – Managing Director, South

We’ve evolved technology with the formation of Glendale Live that gives our clients unrivaled up-to-the-minute information and access to the progress of teams on-site and the works being performed across the UK.

 Alex Paterson – Managing Director

We believe to generate the kind of quality that’s important to our customers, we need to start out with our investment in people.

Investing in People – We know our teams and our people are the future of the business.

Paul Wogel – Surrey Arboriculture Team Leader

I have a lot of passion for my job. It is for me the best job in the world.

Kerry Lawrence – Lee Valley Manager

Career-wise it’s been excellent. There’s been a lot of progression.

Richard Hope – Surrey Arboriculture Manager

I joined as a supervisor, worked up through the ranks.

Just great people to work for.

Alex Paterson – Managing Director

So one of the real core important messages in Glendale is making sure that that customer relationship, that longevity is at the centre of each business transaction and that’s really important to understanding how it’s not just about today’s relationship, but it’s about tomorrow’s relationship as well.” 

Sustainability – Glendale aims to focus on the needs of the present without compromising our future with our sustainable approach.

Terry Doyle – Managing Director, South

With Glendale, you’re getting a dedicated green services specialist whose sole aim is to make sure your outdoor spaces are looking as possible.

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