How was the National Amenity Arboriculture Conference for you?

This year marked the Arboriculture Association’s 48th National Amenity Arboriculture Conference. It focused on ‘Applied Arboriculture: Healthy Trees, Healthy People’, analysing the correlation between green space and the physical, mental and social well being of humans. The conference pushed for political action to recognise the positive impact that trees have on health and the prevention of disease.

Glendale opted to exhibit at the conference in order to demonstrate how service providers can support the cause. Glendale’s arboriculture teams nationwide assist communities, local authorities and private landowners in the proper management of their tree stock, ensuring that the correct codes of practice are met.

Glendale’s Regional Director for the South West, Terry Doyle, comments: “As one of the largest providers of arboricultural services in the UK, we encourage all of our arboriculture managers to attend the conference. This event raises awareness of the importance of best practice in tree management as well as offering our team the opportunity to learn, network and understand the current trends in the sector.”

Glendale’s involvement in the conference was crucial as the themes examined ran parallel with the underlying philosophies of the organisation.

Terry continues: “This year’s theme links perfectly with Glendale. Our team understand the importance of green infrastructure on the health of the nation. Through well-managed parks, open spaces and treescapes, we can work together to ensure a healthier and more environmentally friendly future for all.

“We are responsible for planting over 200,000 trees a year, ensuring that the green spaces we manage have adequate tree cover which is vital for the health of the local community, environment and wider population.  Trees are important to communities and communities are important to Glendale.”

Glendale is proud to support the Arboricultural Association in their voicing of important environmental and tree-related issues.


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