Grzegorz Zagurski, Glendale Park Services Manager, Becomes Official Green Flag Judge

1 year ago

We want to offer a massive congratulations to Glendale’s very own Grzegorz Zagurski, Park Services Manager at Lewisham, who became an official Green Flag Award Judge on Monday the 21st March 2022.

Here at Glendale, we’re absolutely ecstatic for Grzegorz and believe he wholeheartedly deserves this recognition. Much like many members of Glendale’s team, Grzegorz puts a lot of time, dedication and hard work into maintaining parks and keeping them looking their best for the public. Whether he’s dealing with tree care, lawn maintenance or invasive species control, we can trust that Grzegorz is getting the job done properly.

As a company, Glendale has won many Green Flag Awards in the past, receiving five for 2021/22. This award sets out to “recognise and reward well-managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.”

Glendale, of course, believes that Grzegorz is the right person to become a judge of this respected award because he’s consistently setting the standards of what a great park and green space should look like and he thoroughly understands all aspects of park maintenance. We’re extremely proud that we’ve not just won many of these Green Flag Awards, but we’ve now got one of our team members involved in judging them – this proves that Glendale is the right company for you if you’re in need of green space and park maintenance.

Gareth and Emily from Glendale North Somerset with one of 5 Green Flags for 2021_2022
Gareth and Emily from Glendale North Somerset with one of 5 Green Flags for 2021/2022


Grzegorz will be judging his first parks in 2022 and will be assessing their green spaces on a range of criteria that includes:

  • If the park looks welcoming to visitors
  • Health and safety of the park – risk management and inspections, ensuring equipment is in a safe working condition
  • If it’s well-maintained and clean
  • Environmental management – assisting in biodiversity, reducing or removing pesticide use and the reuse of water
  • Maintains high standards of horticulture
  • Has a connection with residents and communities
  • Great management plans

The judging process of these parks that Grzegorz will be going through is thorough and makes sure to assess each park fairly and on an individual basis:

  1. Desk assessments – looking at the management plan, researching how they’ve performed before
  2. Site visit – look at the relevant paperwork and judges are taken around by the people responsible for the day-to-day running of the park
  3. Debrief – last opportunity to ask questions about the park before a judgement is made


Congratulations once again to Grzegorz and good luck with judging a range of parks and green spaces this year!

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