Glendale secures position on Forestry Commission framework

Woodland and estate management teams from green services specialist, Glendale, have been awarded a framework with the Forestry Commission valued at £100,000 per annum.

Glendale was the only contractor to be awarded a position on the framework and will now be delivering forest operations in Cornwall, Bristol, Mendip, Wyre and Savernake.  The experienced teams will carry out a range of forestry services including:

  • Re-spacing
  • Small-scale amenity planting including the use of tree guards and stakes
  • Beating up and hand weeding
  • Brashing and cleaning
  • Mechanical weeding, strimming and brush cutting
  • Clearance of scrub and trees along rides and in areas of open habitat
  • Dealing with windblown trees
  • High pruning with pole chainsaw and pole saw
  • Pesticide application
  • General site maintenance tasks (such as repair of post and rail fencing, re-hanging gates, installing signs)
  • Collection and delivery of goods
  • Small-scale tractor, winch and tractor forwarder work
  • Technical fencing e.g. high tensile wire fencing and temporary deer fencing
  • Pre-tariff plots and tariffing.

This award follows on from Glendale’s recent successes with the Forestry Commission in Devon, the Chilterns and Merseyside. The framework will be operated from the company’s four established offices in Launceston, Exeter, Bristol and Marlborough using directly employed teams.

Bill Griffiths, contract manager for Glendale, said: “The award of a place on this framework is great news for the South West teams and further supports our growing relationship with the Forestry Commission. Efficiency savings and standardisation of systems, processes and quality standards will further improve the service offered.”

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