Glendale is proud to announce that they have secured a Tree Framework contract with Hertfordshire County Council

2 years ago

Glendale is proud to announce that they have won a 3-year Tree Framework contract to provide a range of arboriculture services to Hertfordshire County Council with the option of an additional 1-year extension.

The Tree Framework contract provides Hertfordshire County Council and other bodies such as Housing Associations with a professional arboriculture service covering all aspects of tree works in schools, libraries, highways, and other properties under the control of the council. Comprehensive surveys may also be occasionally required followed by detailed reports with prioritised recommendations. The delivery of this service will be dependent on meeting the Council’s timescales and this may involve emergency works expected to be delivered within specified timescales.

Glendale’s professional arboricultural services are designed to help Councils and landowners manage all aspects of the tree stock from planting, surveys, relocation, and if needed tree removal.

Glendale’s range of services that will be available to Hertfordshire County Council under this framework agreement includes tree surveys which are designed to prevent the hazard before it happens, tree removal as a dead or dying tree is a massive safety risk and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Trees can also be removed when they are causing an obstruction; Glendale’s arborists can relocate a healthy tree rather than removing it if this is preferable. Tree management includes everything to do with maintaining the trees and site clearance and vegetation management and finally tree surgery which includes pruning and sectional tree dismantling.

Glendale offers an all-encompassing green space management service at a national and local level. They are skilled designers, suppliers, and distributors of grounds maintenance, tree management, landscaping, landscape architectural services, planning consultancy, and woodland management activities, tackling these, and various other green space management tasks, for public and private sector clients across the UK. They also provide a range of winter grounds maintenance services including winter gritting and snow clearing services.

Glendale is a national company with a local feel, led by a team who care deeply about their people and the industry, dedicated to delivering the best possible service for clients across the UK.

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