Glendale helps to put the sparkle into Launceston’s Christmas

For the last ten years Glendale’s arboriculture teams in Launceston have helped the Launceston Chamber of Commerce organise the town’s Christmas lights and erect a large Christmas tree in the square.

The team worked with electricians from Terry Graves and utilised a specialist Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to ensure the lights were erected safely and efficiently reducing the amount of disruption to local shoppers. 

The large Christmas tree, donated by the Southwest Lakes Trust, was selected and cut by Glendale’s arborists before being transported to its planting location in the town square.  Once at the square Glendale’s team made some last minute adjustments before the tree was lowered into position and decorated with lights.

Wayne Gostling, arboriculture supervisor for Glendale has overseen this annual event every year, he said: “To support your local town in the run-up to the festive season is fantastic.  It allows us to get involved with the local community and give something back to the town.  The whole team work really well together, the atmosphere and encouragement from local traders when the lights go up makes it all worthwhile.”

Glendale will be back in the New Year to take everything back down again, ensuring that everything is packed away safely for another year.

Julian Montague, general manager for utility arboriculture in the South West, commented: “The team at Glendale is more than happy to offer our services, free of charge, every year to support our local town.  Having been based in Launceston for 12 years now, and with the majority of our Launceston based staff living in the town, it’s lovely to be able to support a very important event in the town calendar.  Happy Christmas!”

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