Gary Bailey- an insight into arboriculture

We were joined by Glendale and DART International UK arborist Gary Bailey to talk all things arboriculture in a short interview exploring subjects such as motivation for work, the benefits of being an arborist, and how Glendale works to help local communities.

Gary is employed as a utility arborist on Glendale’s WPD contract in Cornwall, maintaining trees to ensure they remain at a safe distance away from high and low voltage power lines.

What attracted you to arboriculture?

“After leaving the forces, the attraction of outdoor work and the satisfaction of completing a hard day’s work was enough for me to choose arboriculture.

I missed being part of a team and working in an environment that was both challenging and rewarding. Arboriculture offers an element of danger and excitement that is quite unique. It’s a fantastic trade that is getting lots of recognition worldwide.”

What sort of things do you do?

“I work as a utility arborist on the Western Power Distribution contract in Cornwall for Glendale.

I am a team leader running a small crew of up to four men, cutting trees that are in or around high and low voltage power lines. The work is essential to keep electrical lines clear and safe. This was proven by the storms that we had in our region at the start of the year.

We were working day and night, for weeks at a time to help keep people in power after trees had caused electrical problems and faults on the power lines.”

What are the benefits? Do you enjoy it?

“Being outside, working in a beautiful part of the country, climbing trees, getting views that no one else would have seen before from that angle, working with a good bunch of men that you can have fun with and work hard with, all those benefits, and you get paid for it!

Sometimes it’s dirty, wet and miserable, but other days it’s amazing, thrilling and good fun. The variety of work and the type of people this work attracts makes it, in my mind, the best job in the world.”

What is the impact of Glendale on local communities?

“Utility arboriculture is an essential service that Glendale offers. We work to ensure that local communities are kept safely in power through our essential tree maintenance for Western Power. The loss of electricity to the community would be considerable.

As it is a hazardous occupation, it is important that local residents can be reassured that their power lines are being maintained safely and securely by trained professionals.”

What has Glendale done for you?

“Glendale has given me the opportunity to experience a different type of arboriculture. I have come from a general tree surgery background into utility arboriculture. I can see that the need for this trade is considerable.

Glendale have given me all the appropriate training, PPE, and climbing gear, saws and equipment. After being self-employed the regular wage and working hours are a big deal. I now have more time in my private life to spend with my family.

I am generally happy in my work and Glendale has just offered sponsorship to a charity that I am involved with called, Disaster Arborist Response Team, so they have a very approachable management team that take interest in their employee’s ideas.”

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