58 new trees to enhance seaside refurb

Glendale Civic Trees has begun work on a regeneration programme which will improve spaces for residents, businesses and tourists in a seaside town.

Streets in South Shields are being overhauled to provide better access for pedestrians between the town centre and the seafront, through the creation of a gateway.

The company is carrying out environmental improvements as part of the overall infrastructure refurbishment.  Its experienced team will be enhancing the landscape through a planting scheme, which has already seen 21 trees planted with the intention of creating a boulevard feel.  Another 37 trees were planted in Spring.

The planting follows a programme of preparation carried out by Glendale’s arboriculture team in South Shields, involving the removal of mature trees, grinding stumps, assisting engineers in the installation of an underground system and providing tree soil.  The depot was instrumental in removing festive lights and trees and also providing an apprentice to work alongside the team, assisting with aftercare work such as watering.

The development, an initiative of South Tyneside Council, is part of a wholesale regeneration of the area.

The majority of the transformation took place on Ocean Road, which is around a half a mile and contains bed and breakfasts, restaurants and businesses.  Roads are being resurfaced and narrowed, with better-positioned parking bays to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

Glendale Civic Trees worked with the council’s design and arboriculture teams on early proposals, providing advice on species selection and tree pit design.

Chris Mills, general manager at Civic Trees, said: “The improvements will bring countless benefits to the area.  A fresh look will create a more attractive, inviting feel, which in turn will attract more visitors, increase tourism and provide a boost to the local economy.

“The wider programme of work means more space for pedestrians and an increase in parking spaces, meaning better access to shops and businesses, and we are happy to be part of a scheme that has the interests of local people at its core.”

Councillor Tracey Dixon, the lead member for Area Management and Community Safety, said: “The improvements aim to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment for residents and visitors to Ocean Road by improving road safety and providing better parking facilities.  These wonderful new trees will help to ensure this key link between South Shields Town Centre and seafront area continues to be a great asset.”

Glendale’s arboriculture team in South Shields put the finishing touches to the landscaping scheme in early July ready for the South Tyneside Summer Festival.  The team planted some shrubs and completed some turfing to ensure Ocean Road was ready for the summer parade.

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