Woodland Management

Glendale delivers a comprehensive range of specialist services for sustainable forests and woodland.
A single tree produces approximately 260lbs of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four!

Woodland Management Information

Glendale undertakes all aspects of forest and woodland management, from coppicing to licensed tree felling.

Forests and woodlands provide many benefits including soil stabilisation, oxygen generation and carbon capture, habitats for wildlife, leisure and education activities. They also provide essential timber for industry and therefore it is important to protect, nurture and augment them.

Woodland ownership remains one of the most cost effective methods of entry into land ownership due to tax advantages and incentives that are on offer. For guidance producing a bespoke woodland management plan which will enable you to support, develop and restore your woodland, enhancing its overall value, look to Glendale. 

Our employees are highly experienced in woodland legislation and can provide advice and direction on woodland creation grants, funding grants and other applications. Creating new woodland is a very rewarding experience and our teams can be engaged throughout each stage of the woodland cycle to ensure establishment, ongoing maintenance and further development. 

Download our Nature's Gym event timetable and join our nature conservation activities in and around the London borough of Richmond.