Choose Glendale to perfect your landscape with care, commitment and quality.
10,721 bedding plants were planted on Torbay sea front in June 2014 that’s enough bedding plants to cover the roofs of 12 double decker buses

Landscaping Information

Landscaping is both a science and an art.  For a service provider who appreciates the need for an understanding of both construction and nature when creating a landscape, look to Glendale.

Our experienced teams can call on a portfolio of services in order to transform your landscape and guarantee its establishment whether it is a new development or regeneration of a quarry or landfill site.

We look to work eagerly in partnership with you to design and deliver a full commercial landscape project that meets with your aspirations at a budget to suit you.  With experience working on SSSI and historic sites you can have confidence that all of the considerations of even the most environmentally sensitive sites will be balanced effectively with your needs ensuring the project is delivered on time and to specification. 

For a landscape that will enhance your investment for years to come and provide rich, creative and inspirational scenery for your customers and visitors, look to Glendale.