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10,721 bedding plants were planted on Torbay sea front in June 2014 that’s enough bedding plants to cover the roofs of 12 double decker buses

Civic Trees Landscaping

Glendale Civic Trees can provide a full compliment of landscaping services and specialise in adding instant impact to new landscaping schemes with semi-mature trees.

You can be confident that all semi-mature trees that we supply are sourced from leading UK and European nurseries who specialise in growing large specimen trees.  

Our experienced team can offer you a complete service package from design, specification and construction of your project through to maintenance ensuring the successful establishment of both the trees and the new landscape.  All trees supplied and planted by Glendale Civic Trees are guaranteed with our thorough maintenance packages.

Glendale Civic Trees can also offer a full relocation service in order to redistribute existing tree stock, move trees temporarily during construction or as an alternative to felling.   

Glendale Civic Trees boast the largest fleet of tree spades in the UK with our largest capable of moving rootballs up to 2.15m in diameter.  We also developed and patented the Newman Frame© capable of moving rootballs up to 4.5m in diameter.  

You can be confident that our specialist trained team are capable of moving or planting almost any tree safely and securely.

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