Other Services

We also offer a range of auxiliary services that supplement our core work.
Glendale manages and maintains green spaces for 11,000 properties in Coventry

Vegetation Control

At Glendale, we advocate a responsible approach to all areas of vegetation management.  This not only improves local habitats and controls invasive species but also promotes the long term results that you desire.

We offer vegetation management and clearance solutions in order to support construction and development projects, improve local habitats, regenerate or reclaim land, control invasive species and regulate plant growth.

Our experienced teams also carry out vegetation control in public access areas such as highways, waterways and coastal land. This ensures public safety whilst endeavouring to protect the environment from over treatment.

Glendale employ state of the art weed control application techniques and our operatives use only industry approved herbicides and pesticides in all applications. Our weed control teams regularly undergo Risk and COSHH assessments to ensure that they are fully trained and qualified to carry out the job efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.