Contract manager, Anthony Harper, and Glendale's Hillingdon-based tree team are calling on the local community to help to care for young trees as temperatures continue to sore across the UK.

Anthony said: "Young trees need as much water as we can give them in these blowtorch-like conditions.  The last rainfall we had was in May, and it was less than two-thirds of the average amount of rain for the month.  It fell in a short downburst that was mostly lost due to runoff or evaporation. 

"We are currently witnessing the hottest summer in 40-years, and whilst we're bringing in extra staff and vehicles to give all the street trees and park saplings in the area the extra water they need in this hot, dry weather, it's not enough.  

"With these high temperatures expected to remain for the rest of this week and next week, we would like to encourage members of the community to help in any way they can by watering the new trees where possible.

"The best way to do this is via the feed pipe at the base of the tree.  You might also find some trees have a Treegator® bag which can be filled through an opening at the top.  This is a slow release watering system that makes sure the water gets to the roots where the tree needs it most.

"The team and I want to say a massive thank you in advance, with your help we can ensure Hillingdon's trees continue to thrive." 

For more tips about what you can do to help, visit Hillingdon's website: