A career with Glendale

We invest time and resources into each and every one of our 1500 employees.

The Glendale Graduate Scheme

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At Glendale, we are passionate about nurturing future leadership talent and providing graduates with a great start to their career.

We firmly believe that the best way to understand a business is to learn from the groud up, and our graduate scheme will provide you with extensive training, development and support from day one, which will enable you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to become one of our next generation of managers. 

What you will be doing?

As one of Glendale’s graduates, you will be entering a dynamic, challenging and genuinely supportive environment.  

You will be involved in work that has a significant impact, not only for the organisation, but most importantly, for the communities we serve.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for graduates with a minimum 2:2 at degree level, who are motivated to join Glendale, are passionate about what we do and understand the importance of learning about the business from grassroots level.  

Candidates should also have the desire to succeed in a challenging and rewarding environment.

You will need to be a strong team player, with a willingness to learn quickly, and an enthusiasm to get stuck-in to all areas of work.

Practical requirements

It is imperative that you are happy to travel.   Glendale is a national organisation, and you are likely to be based at different sites across the country during your time on the Glendale Graduate Scheme.  

The company is split into four different regions covering Scotland and the north, the midlands, south east and south west, and you could be based at any site as part of the programme.  


The Glendale Graduate Scheme includes a mix of both on-the-job and off-the-job training.  

You will also join our managers of the future on the company’s Management Development Programme.  An internal programme of training in key areas such as business development, purchasing, marketing, finance and human resources.

What you can expect from Glendale

  • Throughout the scheme you will have your own mentor to support you
  • With the help of your mentor, you will gain extensive experience about how Glendale operates, laying the foundations for you to become an effective manager in the future
  • You will have access to all internal training carried out by Glendale
  • You will have your own tailored development plan complete with goals and objectives for you to achieve during the scheme
  • You will be placed on a fast-track career path
  • You will be treated as a valued member of each site/department you work in, with your views and ideas valued and implemented where appropriate

2016/2017 Glendale Graduate Scheme

In 2016/2017 we are specifically looking for graduates who want to pursue a career in Arboriculture.

If you have an arboriculture or forestry related degree and are keen to apply the principles developed on your course to real, practical, commercial situations, then the Glendale Graduate Scheme is for you.

The ultimate aim of this programme is to equip you with the skills and experience to be able to plan, organise and deliver safe and effective arboricultural operations to our clients, in line with Glendale’s compliance requirements.

Glendale has a number of arboriculture contracts nationwide, including utility arboriculture contracts with energy providers, and amenity arboriculture contracts with local authorities.

You will spend time working in the field with our experienced arboricultural teams, learning what it takes to be an arborist with a large organisation. 

You will undertake off-ground tasks such as branch removal with power saws and hand tools, and performing aerial rescues, plus on-ground tasks such as tree felling with power saws and hand tools, brushwood chipping and stump-grinding.  You will also learn about the significance of health and safety, and worksite organisation.  

You must be physically able to carry out the work of an arborist to participate in this scheme.

As part of your training, you will also spend time with the contract supervisor, gaining experience in the day-to-day operation of a successful arboricultural contract including:

  • Learning about what goes into the planning and organising of daily tasks
  • Ensuring the teams have the resources required to carry out their duties
  • Ensuring daily checks are completed and recorded
  • Assisting in evaluating machinery requirements and arranging repairs and safety checks on machinery and tools
  • Attending client meetings
  • Supporting the contract supervisor in acting as the first point of contact for all employees and suppliers
  • Monitoring work in-line with inspection programmes, policies and quality assurance method statements

You will also spend time shadowing the contract manager, developing your understanding of their role in managing a successful arboricultural contract including:

  • Management of budget, teams and machinery
  • Providing support in targeting and tendering for additional business
  • Maintaining the health and safety standards
  • Gaining knowledge of the importance of compliance with environmental standards
  • Ensuring the contract is delivered to plan, budget and profit

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Matthew Allen, arborist (graduate intake of 2015) says: “I’m currently training to be a professional arborist, learning the practical side of the work that Glendale does… the advantages of the scheme are that it has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge about arboriculture whilst also being able to develop my skills as a manager.  The scheme has given me lots of skills that I didn’t have a year ago, alongside industry recognised NPTC qualifications.  I aspire to progress through my career with Glendale once the scheme has concluded, hopefully rising to supervisor or managerial role.”