About Glendale

We are the UK’s leading supplier of specialist green service solutions for the management and maintenance of your green environment.

Operationally, we are divided into four regions across the UK. Click the interactive map to view the Glendale locations near you...

Why Glendale?


Reasons to choose Glendale...

Safety is our number one priority 

Our excellent health and safety record recognises the precision and diligence of our staff training.

A genuine partnership solution

An all-encompassing solution for your green environment that aims to achieve your goals.

A national company serving the local community

We offer a source of local employment and the opportunity to join us in enhancing local green spaces.

Expertly trained and insured staff

We only employ professionally trained, registered and certified personnel and are proud to run apprenticeship and training schemes nationwide.

Environmentally competent 

All green waste generated by our activities is recycled in accordance with our environmental policy and procedures.  

Conservation action

We offer a community grant scheme and deliver a volunteer based conservation project called Nature’s Gym to target conservation initiatives.